DIY Face Mask: Tulsi Jasmine Infusion

Tea is versatile; the herbs inside can be used in many ways. Not only do organic herbs promote wellness within your body, but Tulsi (Holy Basil), in particular, is considered “The Queen of the Herbs” for her restorative properties.

This easy face mask contains ingredients that can help promote clear skin, brighten the complexion, and remove dead skin cells. Not to mention the aroma of jasmine will have you feeling feminine and fresh.


For this DIY we will make a delicate face mask out of herbal tea and natural ingredients:

  • Tulsi: Detoxifying, stress relieving, balancing
  • Jasmine: Helps to restore the skin’s moisture and elasticity
  • Banana: Purifying and cleansing
  • Rice Flour: Oil-absorbing
  • Honey: Exfoliating and moisturising




  1. Brew the ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi Jasmine tea and let cool (save some to sip on!)
  2. Add the tea to a small bowl and mix in the rice flour.
  3. Add the banana and mash it in with a fork, making sure that the mixture is well blended.
  4. Next, add in honey to create a thicker consistency.
  5. Rub the mixture onto your clean face and let sit for 10-20 minutes.
  6. Wash the mask off with warm water and towel dry your skin.
  7. Enjoy that fresh face feeling! 

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