Introducing our 3 NEW Tulsi infusions!

We are thrilled to announce the three newest additions to our Tulsi tea and infusion line. ORGANIC INDIA’s signature blend of three Tulsi varieties (Rama, Vana and Krishna Tulsi) provide a spicy, floral, and grounding base to these exciting new flavours. Tulsi (Holy-Basil) supports a healthy stress response and bolsters our bodies natural detoxification process.  So – whatever Tulsi blend you choose, you’ll enjoy these benefits! Our Tulsi teas and infusions are the perfect go-to as your daily ritual for stress relief.

Tulsi Ashwagandha – Revered in India for more than 5,000 years, Tulsi – also known as Holy Basil – and Ashwagandha are powerful adaptogens that balance energy levels and aid in stress relief. Tulsi uplifts mood and supports digestive function, while Ashwagandha provides a natural source of energy and vitality. These herbs paired with fruit essence form an invigorating, citrus flavour profile to uplift your spirits and enhance overall vitality.

Tulsi Turmeric Rooibos – Need a digestion pick-me-up? Tulsi Turmeric Rooibos has got you covered. This earthy infusion is the perfect companion for reeving up your digestive fire but is also grounding, warm and comforting. Tulsi, Rooibos, and Turmeric with traditional Indian spices and a hint of Vanilla create a flavour profile that is rich and bold.

Tulsi Hibiscus – Our Tulsi Hibiscus infusion combines adaptogenic Tulsi with cooling Hibiscus blossoms to nourish and detoxify. This is your go-to blend when you need to hydrate and cleanse. 

8 Ways to Support Immune Health with Tulsi during the Corona Virus

I’ve got some great news for you! Tulsi can provide natural immune support for you over the coming months as we navigate our way through the pandemic of COVID-19.   Modern research has shown that the sacred Tulsi plant (Ocimum sanctum) is anti-viral and anti-bacterial against many pathogens responsible for human infections.  Best of all, [...]

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Have you heard about the recent discussion on microplastics in teabags?

ORGANIC INDIA Wins India’s First LEED Platinum Certification

ORGANIC INDIA’s Lucknow factory is now certified as the first LEED Platinum facility in India

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